Greetings from Cow-town

We're having a wonderful time here in Vacaville with Andy's extended family, following close on the heels of a great week in San Diego with Wheatstone, and a fabulous day with my family.

All in all, the time here has been wonderful, thanks in no small part to the little wooden train set we bought on the way. Best investment we've ever made. In lovely, tastefully decorated homes, where no toddlers normally reside... it is very important to make sure that there is something around that is even MORE exciting than the china display. And for that, nothing less than trains will do.

But alas, train privileges have been temporarily suspended, the dreadfully dire consequence of sister-bashing. This was the cause of much weeping on Isaiah's part, but really, I think it's hardest for me. Because I'm the one who has to keep him away from the china.

Nathan would be upset, too, I'm sure... but he and his Dadders are en route to the hospital to get his lip stitched up.

The excitement never stops.

Anyway, all this to say that we will resume our regular posting schedul...


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