There is a post.

Buried under the one about lists. About out new surveillance system.

And I can't figure out how to get it out from under the other, slightly older, post.

Of course, if you use a feedreader, you already saw that post.

And come to think of it, if you don't use a feedreader, and you read more than a handfull of blogs, you really should. It's great. Just one website to check, and you know which blogs have been updated since you last looked. You can even just read all the new posts right there. It's great. I use bloglines, and I love it.

But in any case, I'll do my best to keep my new posts popping up in an orderly, dignified fashion.

And really, it's a good discipline for a procrastinator like me.

Must finish all posts in the order in which I start them.



Rebecca said...

Probably you began your newer post before you began your older post, but finished the newer one second. Posts are time-stamped in the order they are created. To fix that, go to edit posts and change the time-stamp on the post so that it is later than the time stamp of the list post.

Elena said...


Didn't know I could change the timestamp, though. Thanks.

Well shoot. Now I can keep right on starting and finishing posts haphazardly. =)

slowlane said...

The problem is the bloglines doesn't alert you when there is some clever string of comments happening.

Elena said...

True. And that is very, very sad. I suppose that bloglines has made me a more efficient blog-reader, but less effective.