Reason #4 why Blogger could be improved upon

It's all well and good for Brian to be hating on blogger. But I can't very well bite that hand that lets me blog.

And, well... the fact is, thenickfamily.com sure looks nice now.... but it took several years to get it there, and meanwhile, I was actually blogging. So I'm very grateful to google for bringing blogging to the lazy, html-illiterate masses who just plain love to write.

But! This switch over to the new blogger is not very smooth. Well it is for blog authors, actually, (although I did lose a lot of template customizations, and had to reinstall any outside html. But even that was okay, because it prompted me to switch from statcounter to sitemeter, which is actually a lot better.)

Anyway, I follow a perfectly massive quantity of sparsely updated blogs, so I'm quite dependent upon bloglines. But one by one, my subscriptions stop working as everybody switches over to the new blogger. Just the other day I finally got around to updating all my subscriptions... but now Christa has moved, too. Oy, vey. They make everything else so easy... why did they have to change the rss feeds on us? I like blogger because I'm lazy, remember? That's the whole point.

But even if google hadn't chosen to put us through such misery, I guess it really wouldn't have solved my problem entirely. Some people just keep moving all over the place.

I tell you. No sense of commitment.

If only it weren't so easy to just up and start a new blog.


slowlane said...

Like the true slow lane I live in, I'm still where I started.

Well, I should ammend that. I'm still at the same url as when I started, but I have happened to move where I blog from quite a bit.

Sarah said...

For the record, Google Reader doesn't update subscriptions either. As noted by the fact that I just found this.

Ha ha, very funny (and I'll update now, just so I can keep my eye on you)!

Elena said...

The ironic thing is that I discovered a few MORE of your blogs right after I posted that...