That's MRS. Mommy to you!

As I was changing Nathan's diaper, chattering affectionately at him, I called him "Mr. Meepo."

He liked that very much, and repeated several times, "I'm Mis-ter Meepo. I'm Mis-ter Meepo."

I then pointed to his brother. "That's Mr. Wuggidy."

"Mis-ter Wuggidy. Mis-ter Wuggidy."

He thought about it for a minute, then pointed to me.

"Mis-ter Mama! Mis-ter Mama!"

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Sarah said...

I've been trying to email you. Are you not at gmail anymore? The first time it bounced because I always want to put the "e" on the end of your last name---in honor of my freshman roommmate with that surname. But then I said, "Fiddlesticks!" and corrected myself.. and it STILL bounced.

Anyway, get in touch with me ASAP. Id leave my cell number.. .but, uh.....no... not gonna do that here.