Guest Blogger: An eventful supper, as narrated by Meepo, transcribed by Dadders

Wuggers is choking.

Wuggers is choking on s'ghetti.

Wuggers is covered in choking!

Wuggers is sad.

Wuggers is sick.

Wuggers is gonna go to the doctor.

Gonna fix the Wugger.

I need a hammer.

I'm gonna fix the Wugger.

Wuggers' alive!

Momma's a doctor.


Ashley said...

Very funny. Is wuggers okay?

Your Horse misses YOU! said...

Ha. You always have such fun!

Elena said...

Wuggers is fine now, although he seems to have passed the bug on to me... blech.

Babysitter said...

You sick? Poor Elena.

Elena said...

I'm pretty much better, now. But Nathan just threw up in the car on the way home this afternoon... =(