Out of whack

Yesterday, everything was so good. So free and easy.

We went to Home Depot, and then to the train station to watch the trains go by. We didn't get back until 6:30, but the housework was all very much under control, so even though we had a late supper, everything was peaceful and orderly and not a bit rushed.

I pulled out my flute and improvised while Andy got the kids into jammies, and then we pulled out the keyboard and let the wuggies play along.

Such good family time, time being just exactly the family we want to be.

And then... something snapped.

I heard a little click, and my shoulder erupted in pain. It felt like I should be able to twist a little bit, my back would pop, and I'd be okay... but no. Still there. By now my whole right side is feeling limp and achy, everything hurts.

I have an appointment with a chiropractor this afternoon, and I'm praying he can take care of it.



Emily said...

Ouch! Is it better now?

Elena said...

Sort of.

Mix up with appointment, I forgot I was supposed to call back and confirm, and they gave away my slot.

But it finally popped on it's own this afternoon, so although it still hurts, at least I can take a deep breath without feeling a knife between my shoulder blades.

So I'm achy, but functional... and looking for a babysitter for my new appointment on Friday afternoon. =)