Cue the Jeopardy Music, Please

We have each submitted our applications to the real estate office. Neither application has priority over the other. Both will be processed, and given to the owner, who will then make the final decision.

The realtor is optimistic about the possibility of getting an answer this morning.

The rational side of me is quite sceptical. We won't know until tomorrow afternoon. That's just the way things work.

But all the rest of me is waiting by the phone, burning up with impatience.

It's 10:39 already... why hasn't he called?

Nevermind the fact that they have to get through to our former landlords, and due to the time difference, they won't even be open for another half hour.

I'm scouring the multiple listings site, trying to convince myself that there are other houses out there. And there really are other houses out there. It's just that they have carpet in the dining rooms, smell like smoke, and have tiny, unattractive backyards.

It's going to be okay. Really.

But it's so hard to take all this as lightly as I want to.


Rachel said...

Is the the one you want to rent, or did you already find a good place to buy? Best of luck to you either way!

Ashley said...

You have me on pins and needles. What happened?

Anonymous said...

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