Excuses, excuses

Lately we've been working with the wuggies on mealtime manners. Particularly the "may I please be excused" part that really ought to come before the hopping off to go play with trains part.

Anyway, this evening I was glad that Isaiah asked to be excused without any prompting... still, I really did want him to wait for an answer before running off.

"Honey, you need to wait for Mama or Dadders to say you can get up. Why don't you get back in your chair and we'll try it again."

"May I be 'scoosed please?

"You need to get back in your chair first."

"May I be 'scoosed please?"

With each repetition he scooted himself just a smidgen further toward his chair, each time hoping that maybe we'd consider that enough. But we didn't, and so after a few repetitions he was in his chair again. Once there, he just grinned up at us happily.

"Didn't you have something you wanted to say, Isaiah?"

Grinning from ear to ear, he proudly surveyed his audience, and made his grand pronouncement.

"Noah's Ark. Noah's ark and the animals."

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