Turn, Baby, Turn!

No, he's not breech.

But at my last appointment, the midwife pointed out that he's facing frontward. She said I should keep my spine as straight as possible to encourage him to turn around.

Well, working on my posture is always a good idea, but I couldn't see how being front-facing could be bad thing. After all, it's fun to feel lots of arm and leg movements--not to mention reassuring. Surely it can't make that big a difference which direction he's facing... right?

But now I completely understand.

I'm not even in labor yet, but last night had me ready to beg for an epidural.

I'm pretty confident about the contractions. I know it's going to be hard, but I feel ready to face it.

The back of baby's skull grinding against my spine? Not so much.

Please pray for mercy, and a rear-facing baby.

Turn, baby, turn!


Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Oh Elena, get thee to a chiropractor, IMMEDIATELY! Find someone certified in the "Webster Technique" - specifically for turning babies around. Try an internet search, but if you don't find one, I'll ask my chiropractor for a recommendation. Seriously, the only thing that kept Thomas from being backwards like that was Dr. Anne's care. Go, go, go now!

Elena said...

Thank you, Emily!

I had no idea!

Ma Torg said...

Oh my. I second the chiropractor. I saw one with Edmund's pregnancy and it was wonderful. There is also a trick you can do at home.

Some quick tips:
1. Do not recline.
2. Do not lay on your back.
3. Do lunges to open up your pelvis and give baby room to turn. (not squats. you don't want to encourage the baby to move down yet).
4. Swim! belly down
5. DO the cat. Hands and knees apart at shoulder length. Arch back like a cat and release.
4. Don't cross legs.
5. crawl for 5-10 minutes at a time.

Sorry for the length of this. When Lucy was posterier late in pregnancy, my midwife had me do something where Jesse massage a point near my uterus with a ball to cause a muscle to spasm. I'm not sure what it is called, but you might try asking your midwife about it. Lucy did turn because of it.


Laura said...

I second the "cat" - spend some time on all fours. We'll be thinking about you!!!

Ashley said...

The only time I was in labor it was back labor. No fun. Hope all goes well with little Jack.