Childbirth in slow motion

I'm a little less than halfway there.

In other words, right about where I was two weeks ago.

My midwife assures me that all it will take is a few good, hard contractions, and everything will be moving rapidly.

This is what she said two weeks and 5,437 contractions ago.

This time it might actually be true, though... through much acrobatics, I managed to dislodge the baby from his poorly (but tightly!) engaged position that was impeding progress. Once, while I was slouching horrifically (which you should never, ever do if you want a properly positioned baby) he even turned right way around.

He's back to sideways again, though. So we'll see what happens.

Next time around I won't get nearly so worked up about all the preterm labor scares. I just take a long time having babies, and my body likes to get a head start, that's all.

Meanwhile, my stretch marks are getting stretch marks, and my belly button is dilating rapidly. My midwife assures me that there's never been a case of spontaneous cesarean... but I can't help but thinking there's a first for everything.


Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Spontaneous cesarean, eh? I think you'd better try to avoid that...something tells me such an event would risk you out of a homebirth. :)

I'm with you on taking a long time to get ready for birth - I spent the weekend wondering if I was about to go into truly pre-term labor. It has calmed down now, and my midwife isn't too worried. She says that they're "toning contractions" because I have a tired uterus. :)

slowlane said...

I can understand why you want to make sure and have this baby at the beginning of August... purely to balance out the calendar, I can tell. =)