(A collaboration between small September and myself, over a McDonalds ice cream cone. I said I wanted to write a poem, so she told me what to write, and I wrote it. )

She says that Jabberwockies are some very scarry birds,
And Jabberwockies are the things to verse of with my words.
The Jabberwockies may be fierce, but she is unafraid.
I asked her how this could be so, and this is what she said:
I think you're funny of me.

Oh, what would happen if you had a toylike Jabberwock?
A funny thing to talk of; nonetheless we still will talk.
You'd turn it on its button--it would roar a fearsome roar--
But it would never bite you, says the learned Jabber lore.
Toy Jabberwocks snarl safely.

For I can write a 'T' or 'H', but not a single 'O'--
The 'T's and 'H's are quite straight, whilst 'O's are not--although
Some are. (Which ones?) The ones that do not want to wrinkled be.
So what's the purpose of this tale?
I think you're funny of me.

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