I just realized...

...that I spent most of my writing time this evening trying to find somebody (anybody!) who had already said what I had to say, so maybe I wouldn't have to write it.

It was during the chunk of time when I was looking for a potential publisher for this half-written article, that I realized why nobody is saying it.

So for now, I'll just have to say it here, on my unfunded little blog.

Every word in the mainstream media is funded by big corporations.

Not something that mainstream media is likely to point out, and not something that you can really do much about, without making matters worse. It's simply a fact of modern life--our society has an awful lot of mighty effective megaphones available for purchase, and most of that purchasing happens in ways that are utterly untouchable by campaign finance laws.

Thank God that ordinary citizens are now permitted to pool their resources, and make their voices heard too.

Even if they aren't quite rich enough to buy the whole television network.