Complicated Passages

I was reading a bit of Galatians to the wuggies this morning, simply because that's what I was reading to myself before they got up. Of course, this required a bit of context-building before we launched into the text. We looked up Galatia first on the map in the back of the Bible, then found the corresponding area on the globe, and discovered that it corresponds to modern-day Turkey.

After I explained to them how the people of Galatia had been led astray by bad teachers, September wondered if the Insulations ever got things straight again.

I didn't know the answer to that one.

Nathan, on the other hand, really just wanted to know why the area had changed names.

Another stumper.

But then, all on his own, he figured it out.

The land must have been invaded by chickens.

And there you have it.

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