Coffee resuscitation

All the cool mommy bloggers shop at Aldi's. Then they post amazing tips about how they effortlessly feed their families nutritious gourmet food for mere pennies, and you could too... if only you had access to an Aldi's.

Well. Now that they've opened up an Aldi's right next to the fine arts academy where I teach, it's my turn to torment all of you.

Seriously, Aldi's is great. The prices are good, but the shopping experience is even better. It's so... simple. And straightforward. And so... not an endless vortex of confusion and manipulation.

Their coffee, however, is decidedly not great. I suppose the upside is that they really push fair trade. Their fair trade coffee is solidly mediocre, but a few weeks ago I tried their uncertified coffee, and was severely punished for my error.

Not. Even. Drinkable.

But necessity is the mother of invention, and coffee is definitely a necessity for a mother of six wuggies... or, for that matter, any other caffeine addicted human being with a boatload of stuff to get done.

I got my idea from bulletproof coffee, which obviously presupposes access to nice coffee and grassfed butter. The stuff I had on hand definitely wasn't going to make me bulletproof, but I wondered if my cheap Aldi's butter might make my cheap Aldi's coffee slightly more tolerable.

It took some tweaking too get the recipe right, but eventually, it worked. I put four "cups" of coffee in the blender (coffee-pot cups, that is) with a tablespoon of butter and two tablespoons of milk. Then I add as much sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg as I feel like, and maybe a drop off almond extract. I whiz it up until it's foamy and wonderful...

And then I try to persuade the wuggies that they really don't need a sip of my coffee.

That's the hard part.


xapis said...

Oh! You just made me miss Aldi even more than I already do! I agree, their coffee (though I felt good buying fair trade) was decidedly not great. Sounds like the resuscitation was a success and I hope you don't have too many happily caffeinated children running around. :-)

Elena Johnston said...

Fair trade it is, from now on! ☺ I hope you're finding new favorite places to get groceries...