Once in a blue moon we all get up early, to watch the uncracked dawn split open in the darkness, and bleed across the face of the moon until it turns to blue-gray ash.

Which sounds kinda macabre when you put it like that, except it wasn't. It was glorious and peaceful, except for the part where we were squabbling over the telescope, but even that wasn't too bad, and when that blinding sliver of moonlight reappeared against the deep periwinkle sky... well Willie said it looked just like any other crescent moon, but Nathan said out was like that bird that's reborn from the ashes.

We looked at it through the telescope, and that was nice, but not as nice as sitting on the park bench and just being there. I tried to take a picture, but all I got was a grainy shot of darkness with a tiny fuzzy spot of light that insisted on spreading out beyond its boundaries.

The way light does.

Now it is full daylight here, and the moon is free from our shadow. It's a perfectly normal morning.


Surely it comes as no surprise that Isaiah fell asleep over the newspaper.

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