Sailing toward morning

When I asked Willie if I could post this picture on the Wuggy Chronicles, he was a little bit confused.

"But there isn't anything about ships in the Wuggy Chronicles, is there?"

I said that I guessed we'd have to change that, and his eyes grew wide.

"You mean the Wuggy Chronicles are real?

I nodded.

"All that funny stuff really happened in our family?"

He was very impressed, and as a writer, I was gratified to discover that my kids had been enjoying the dogeared two volume compilation (thanks, Mom and Dad!) as literature more than as family lore.

I'm not sure how he jumped from the idea that the Wuggy Chronicles are changeable to the idea that they are true, but somehow the connection feels exactly right.

Because truth is a vast ocean, and my ship is very small. May God breathe tenderly upon our fragile sails, and give us eyes to see the stars.

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