Roadschooling Wuggies: Day 2

A family of deer has been visiting us in the early morning, and at twilight.

The deer and the fish and the birds all seem to be on the same schedule, and I'm trying to get our family to join them. 

This is easier said than done, but it's important. Exciting read-alouds over breakfast help.

We are loving this series! Quirky and delightful, with lots of suspense, and important lessons too, about how the differences that make it hard to get along are the very things that make us need one another.

(These books are also driving us into Ephesians. We are one body... one ecosystem... We can only thrive bound together in love through Christ.)

We have finished the main trilogy already, and are making our way through the prequel.

As an extra point of interest, the housekeeper seems to suffer from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and I can definitely relate!

Speaking of which, the time in nature is doing me a lot of good. I am in substantially less pain, even though I've been pretty active.

I may have overdone it just a teensy bit on our tromp through the woods yesterday, but all in all, it was with it.


L said...

We love the Mysterious Benedict Society!! There are so many better series out now than when we were kids.

Elena Johnston said...


What are some of your other favorite series?