Saying Grace

No matter who thanks God for the meal, Amos usually wants to pray, too.

"Ah, Lord, thank you for this food. And put our helmets on..."

At this point, he always looks up. "Daddy, what are helmets for?"

"For keeping your head safe."

Sometimes this answer is satisfactory, and sometimes it isn't. Depending on the day, he will either nod vigorously, or offer a correction. "No, helmets are for racing."

Then he will bow his head again, and continue with a litany of requests. "And go down to the lake and go fishing... And get a bicycle..."

This may or may not go on for quite some time. The others are hungry and impatient. Sometimes there's a bit of prompting before he finally wraps things up.

"... And I don't know.... Ah, Lord, amen!"

He looks up, grins at us all. And then it's time to eat.

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