The things you find in your closet...

Yesterday afternoon, Son One was playing quietly in the living room, Daughter One was asleep in her pack-n-play... and Son Two was nowhere to be seen. As I roamed the apartment frantically, I noticed that I'd left my wardrobe door open, and sure enough the kiddos had gotten into it, scattering clothing all over the bedroom floor. I tried to close the doors, but something was blocking it. In a hurry to find my lost sheep, but not wanting more mess to happen, I just tried to shove the doors close enough to closed so that I could secure the child lock. Suddenly I hear a shriek. And there was Isaiah, curled up for a nap on the second shelf of my wardrobe, snuggled up with his favorite pillow.


Chinese water torture

Most businesses that routinely put people on hold for inordinate periods of time play carefully engineered selections of music designed to put callers at ease and defuse as much frustration as possible. While waiting to speak to someone at California Public Health Services, you can enjoy the beautiful sound of silence...

...interrupted every 40 seconds or so by a bored voice saying "your call IS important to us."

Torture. Sheer torture.


Stanton McDonald Wright, Conception Synchromy Posted by Picasa

Stanton McDonald-Wright mapped the twelve colors of the color wheel onto the twelve tones of the chromatic scale, and then proceeded to paint in the various resulting keys and modes. His "synchromies" are astoundingly beautiful---music for the eyes. I've been fascinated with the concept ever since I saw an exhibit of his work at LACMA four years ago... so I spent Sunday afternoon experimenting around with the color wheel while my guys were dooping around the park. Posted by Picasa

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A standard I-IV-V7-I progression in the key of red major. Posted by Picasa



The boy-wuggies like trucks. Trucks are lots of fun. Grandma Duck brought them a fun truck to play with. It came out of her big suitcase. The truck is very fun. It makes lots of cool noises. Some of the noises sound like a drill. That makes it extra fun.

The boys like talking about trucks. They loudly announce it whenever they see a truck. Or when they see something that looks sort of like a truck. The oil drills at Huntington Beach look like trucks. Mommy isn't sure what it is that looks like a truck at church, though.

"Tr" is a very hard sound to make. That does not keep the wuggies from talking about trucks, though.

Mommy is beginning to regret all the time she spent helping the wuggies learn to say "flower" and "foot."

Dadders tried to teach the wuggies how to say "chruck." Mommy thought it was supposed to be "truck." Grandpa Duck and Grandma Duck went to school for a long time to learn about making funny sounds, so it was a good thing they were there. Everybody had lots of fun talking about how to say "truck" all the way home from the beach.

But Dadders still says "chruck." Mommy still says "truck." And the wuggies still say... something else.


Office Supplies

Ways to distract while in early labor...

--Watch a movie
--Practice breathing excercises
--Visualize soothing waves on the beach
--Listen to soothing music
--Take your toddler to the emergency room

Saturday night, August 27, the contractions were getting pretty fearsome, and I wondered if it might be time to head on over to the hospital. I sat down in the rocking chair, in good view of the clock, to start timing the contractions.

Before I'd had the chance to even start timing, however, Nathan clambered up on chairs (carefully stacked up where they couldn't use them to climb up on the kitchen table) and from there, onto the table by the door. He, the big metal-rimmed basket, and the lamp, all tumbled down in a big tangle.

There was blood everywhere. Andy was at work, and I couldn't get through to his cell phone. The blood was coming from underneath lots of thick blond hair, and I had no idea how many cuts there were, or how serious it was. Isaiah very much wanted to help me clean his brother up, and brother very much did not want to let me clean him up. And I was going into labor...

I eventually got through to Andy via email. He came home and took us all to the emergency room. And the doctor stapled my son's head back together. With actual staples, just like the ones I use to attach hold multi-page documents together!

I'm glad that September decided to wait until the next day to be born. And I'm especially glad that she's a little girl. Little girls provide enough drama of their own sort, or so I hear.... but it doesn't usually involve getting covered in office supplies.



All through my pregnancy, we couldn't help thinking of September as a little girl. It wasn't just that we wanted a little girl--though we desperately did! Try as we might, we simply could not imagine a third little son being nestled in my tummy. Of course, we were well aware that there was a fairly good chance that we were having another son regardless of whether or not we could conceive of it (no put intended), so we were eager for an ultrasound to clear up the mystery. As Andy put it, we couldn't wait to "find out if September is herself, or Bob."

But the ultrasound didn't clear anything up at all because September (or Bob) was a very modest little baby.

And so we embarked on the difficult task of finding the perfect name for a little person that we couldn't bring ourselves to believe might actually exist. After listening in on lots of conversations about "what do we name September if she turns out to be Bob?" the boys figured out that my belly was called "Bob." They would poke my blossoming tummy, gleefully saying "Bobm!"

We never could agree on a boy's name that we both liked, until one night I had a dream about giving birth to a little boy named Matthias Robert. The dream itself was one of those bizarre pregnancy nightmares, but we loved the name--and it was quite a relief to finally be prepared for the possibility of Bob.

After our little September-girl made her appearance, Dadders brought the wuggies in to meet their little sister. The boys tiptoed into the room, quiet and alert, almost reverent. Nathan came up to me, as I sat on the rocking chair with September on my lap. He looked at my deflated midriff, then at the squirmy little thing on my lap, and pondered for a moment. After considering the situation, he grinned and announced, "Bobm!"

The boys like Bob a lot... and the other day Isaiah spoke his first sentence. "Bobm wuggy!"

We wondered and wondered, and now we know. September is herself...

...and she is Bob!

Premature Balding

Some active toddlers make their parents want to pull their hair out.

Others do the job for them.


September Persephone

Our little girl made her way into the big bright world at 10:09 on the evening of August 28. She arrived almost a month before we expected her, but she was 7 lbs., 20 inches long, with a robust apgar score of 8.9.

And she hiccups just as much as she did in utero.