Upwardly mobile...

Mr. Wuggidy is sitting himself up all by himself... and Mr. Meep-Meep is pulling himself up on things. I'm afraid that it just might be time to take baby-proofing to the next level.


That is the "going places" song, and we've been hearing quite a bit of it. Natebug is making his way across the floor with ever greater speed and agility. Crouched low to the ground, he scuttles about on hand (singular) and knees...and elbow. From time to time he will pause, and, propped up on one hand, wave to the admiring crowds.

Meanwhile, Isaiah has finally figured out how to put one knee in front of the other. And there was great rejoicing... and much baby-chasing!

Stars in his eyes...

When he was first born, Mr. Wuggers' eyes were the same murky blue as most babie's eyes. Ever since, they have been slowly shifting through various shades of green and hazel. I've never really had a good answer when people ask me what color they are. I've figured it out now, though. Yesterday, I was closely examining his eyes, and discovered that they are a lovely shade of olive green, with quite distinct, perfectly 5-pointed stars in the middle.

Next time somebody asks I'll just say that Nathan's blue-eyed... and Isaiah's starry-eyed.


Deja Who?

I am an extremely heavy sleeper, and woe to him who tries to wake me. Once, when I was in
high school, my mom tried to wake me from a nap. I didn't wake up... but I did kick her in the face. Thus, during my pregnancy, one of my greatest fears was that I would have the same sort of "knee-jerk" reaction when my little ones would try to wake me for their midnight snacks. People reassured me that once they were born, everything would change. I would develop "mommy ears," and would effortlessly awaken at the drop of hat. No such luck. What really happened was that I became quite adept at nursing in my sleep. I'm rarely entirely cognizant of what I'm doing in the middle of the night, and seldom remember how many times I was up... but somehow we make it.

Sometimes those midnight feedings can be unutterably precious bonding moments. The other night, I awoke to Isaiah's cries of desperate hunger. I took my litte boy into my arm, and when he found my breast, he gave a little sigh of contentment and nestled against me. I cuddled and kissed him, whispered softly to him, and it was precious indeed. Then, just as he was satisfied and falling back asleep, his brother began to cry. So I rolled over...

And there was Isaiah.

There was a slight moment of panic. Are there two Isaiah's? No... that must not be it... but this child that just woke up was definitely Isaiah. That must not have been Isaiah that I was snuggling. I rolled back over and looked. Sure enough, that had been Nathan all along.

In that moment I knew a little of what Isaac must have felt when Esau returned from the hunt.

But fortunately I have plenty of cuddles to go around. So I just rolled over and cuddled Isaiah all over again.


Hoppy-toad go Splat!

Mr. Wuggidy is determined to follow in his brother's footsteps. Perhaps it should be hand-and-knee-steps? But regardless of what it ought to be, Wuggers is interpereting it a s footsteps. With boundless vigour and determination, my little son leaps to his feet. Then, just as vigorously, and in quite the same spirit, he falls flat on his face. He repeats this process until he reaches his goal. It may be a clunky and rather painful method of locomotion, but Isaiah's happy... He's going places!

The kid's got some spelunknoi. I see a lot of his Dadders in him.

Relatinships in Relationship

Lately, I have been pondering how my relationship with God re-frames my relationships with other people. Now I'm starting to see that it goes the other way, too.

I am embarking on a "spiritual direction" relationship with a woman from our church. I've never done anything like this before, but the idea seems to be that Katie, who is completing a graduate program in spiritual formation, will come along side me and mentor me in my prayer life. We just had our first meeting this morning, but even now I'm struck with the shift in perspective that comes with intentionally inviting another person into my prayer life.

The simplest explanation for the relationship between the earth and the sun is that the sun must revolve around the earth. Of course you can come up with complicated theories of how it is otherwise, but they are very unintuitive, and smack of nonsense.

When you add Mars and Venus into the equation, however, everything changes. Suddenly, centering everything around the earth requires convoluted mathematical gyrations, and the heliocentric model has the ring of truth.

This paradigm shift is simultaneously humbling and thrilling. Because, of course, I'm awfully feeble and insignificant for the center of the universe, and as such I'm really rather worthless. On the other hand, as a member of the Body of Christ, I am precious and beloved, and by God's grace, I am fully capable of doing all that He has called for me to do.


Gainfully employed!

The great job hunt is over! Andy has finally found some learning centers who are willing to pay him what he's worth. So far he's collected two part time learning center jobs, and is waiting to hear back from a few others. He still has holes in his schedule, and is hoping to collect more private students as the semester wears on, but he is no longer actively looking for work. It's a good feeling. For the first time in our married life, he can simply go to work, and come home at the end of the day and leave it behind. No endless piles of homework, no job hunt, just a nice, self-contained job. Or collection of jobs, as the case may be. Maybe--just maybe--life will finally settle down a little.


Feeding on the Word

The other day as I was reading up for my philosophy of music class, I heard Natebug scrunching up some paper. He had gotten into one of the phone books again. Since we live in SoCal, and thus have a bakers dozen mostly-overlapping-but-not-quite-interchangeable phone books always on hand, I wasn't too worried. Nevertheless, the nutritional content of the yellow pages is rather low, and babies don't really need that much fiber anyway, so I intervened once I saw that he had actually dislodged a page.

That's when I discovered that it wasn't a phone book at all, but that Mr. Meeper was engaged in an in-depth Bible Study, pulling apart chapters 7 and 8 of Revelation.

I feel very proud for having instilled in him a love of Scripture at such a young age. I'm a little worried though. What is the proper interperetation of Rev. 22:19?

Happy, healthy.... and extraordinarily handsome.

We knew it all along, but yesterday a whole bunch of experts confirmed our opinions. We took the wuggies back to the hospital for their high-risk follow-up appointment, and various members of the NICU staff examined their growth and development. It was so good to bring them back to the wonderful women who had cared for them as tiny, fragile infants, and to celebrate just how far they've come. The consensus was that they are just precisely the way they ought to be for the age they ought to be. No sign of cognitive delays in Isaiah, despite the nasty blood infection, and Natebug is even a little advanced.

Thanks be to God!



(this message is brought to you by Mr. Wuggidy and the letter Q)


Blah blah blah...

Mr. Meep-meep's first word was Dadders. Slowly, painstakingly, he figured out how to imitate Andy, and put those sounds together. "D-d-da-DAd-Dadr-DadR-DADRRRs!" Once he finally succeeded, he was immensely pround of his achievement, and proceeded to repeat his new word over and over.

Mr. Wuggidy's first word was "da-da-da-da-da." (I'm sensing a pattern, here...) This came much easier for him, and with much less intentionality. He just sort of stumbled upon it in his exploration of sounds, and discovered that this particular "phrase" elicited much attention from Dadders.

Feeling a bit insecure, I've been trying desperately to ensure that at least their second word will be some sort of derivative of "mammawuggy."

No such luck. The other day Andy was changing Isaiah's diaper, and said, "Blucky!"

And so now he has a new favorite word. "bla-bla-bla"