My music

For your listening pleasure I've posted an audio link to the second movement of the 12-tone flute sonata I'm composing. It's very much a work in progress, so constructive criticism is welcome.

Meanwhile, if you listen closely, you can hear the wuggies in the background. No, that's not me "singing" to my flute again... believe it or not, I think I've finally conquered that bad habit. =)

Anyway, let me know what you think.
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Natebug and I were just sharing a special bonding moment. He cuddled up on my lap, and I kissed his little face as he gazed adoringly up at me and squinchled his nose. I took off my glasses to keep them from falling onto his face. Immediately, his adoring gaze turned toward the keyboard where my glasses lay. Does he love me... or just my glasses?


Sing the wuggy, the wuggy of many twists and turns... Many thanks to George and Lettie Speckman for taking such a cute picture--and for watching the boys so I could go to class without the stroller! God has truly blessed us with so many dear friends. Posted by Hello

Courtesy of Lettie Speckman. Posted by Hello

Word Count

Now that my own name has been added to the list, I am feeling much less insecure, and I am exceedingly proud of my youngest son's extraordinary vocabulary. Mr. Wuggidy has been known to repeat...

I love you

What a kid!

A Whole New Word

Last night, Isaiah was lying snuggled up between Dadderwuggy and I, and sleepily, contemplatively, he said, "Dada." He considered for a moment more, and then said "Mama."

Ahh... My baby knows who I am. 'Tis a nice feeling.

My relationships with my wuggies have been so one sided for so long. But now, at last, more and more they are able not only to recieve my love, but also to love me back. Now that they are becoming mobile, and capable of choosing where they want to be, it thrills my soul that so often the place where they want to be is hugging my knees.

I love these little boys.


The fish is on!

Having kids teaches you lots of wonderful things. For instance, how little sleep it is possible to live on.... and just how much sleep is worth. The law of supply and demand is more broadly applicable than you ever thought.

You also learn that baby talk actually didn't originate from the clumsy attempts of small children to learn to talk, but rather from the clumsy attempts of parents to be quasi-realistic as they interperet their pre-verbal childrens discourses. Nathan and Isaiah have been known to spout off deep mathematical profundities and clever witticisms---all in baby-talk of course.

Most importantly, however, you learn that you don't always make a whole lot of sense. The converse also applies--things don't always make sense to you. Especially at 2 am. So when your husband shakes you awake to urgently inform you that the fish is on, just make a mental note to set up an aquarium...

...and you might as well feed the screaming baby while you're at it.


The truth of the matter...

...is that the tooth is the matter.

The tooth count in the Johnston household has suddenly jumped from 64 to 68 in the past week. It has been a painful process.... for their gums, and our ears.

Everything comes two by two by tooth.

Double trouble... double time.


Natebug says Posted by Hello

Just you watch me... Posted by Hello

...oh yes... Posted by Hello

I'm gonna get that camera!Posted by Hello


Diaper boxes are great for when you're learning to stand up all by yourself. Meanwhile, Isaiah is grasping at straws. Drinking straws, that is. He has a passion for straws... or anything else long and thin like that, for that matter. (Don't worry, we don't let him play with them without supervision!) Isaiah clutched that straw all evening, merrily waving it about on our walk. By the end of the evening, that was one mighy beat-up straw! =)Posted by Hello

We read The Tale of Benjamin Bunny this afternoon to distract the boys from their teething pain.  Posted by Hello

Sunday best Posted by Hello

studying good ol' Edwards. Grampa Johnston would be very proud. Again, it's from a while back... but we think its pretty cute! Posted by Hello

The wuggies love hanging out with their friend Autumn. Autumn is likes playing with them, too... unless the parents decide the wuggyfest would make a great photo-op. Posted by Hello

This one is from a few months ago... Posted by Hello


The latest word

The other day the boys and I took a walk to the library. We had a delightful time reading about Pinkerton, and Socrates and the Three Little Pigs. Mr. Wuggidy made friends with the nice lady who was shelving childrens books, and they spent some time gleefully making faces at one another. Somewhere in the middle of the conversation, he reached over and grabbed a handfull of my hair to munch on. The library lady shook her finger at him, saying "no-no-no! Don't grab mommy's hair!" Isaiah thought this was great fun, and started laughing and waving his arms about. One of those arms inevitable whacked me in the face, spurring the librarian on to a repeat performance. "No-no-no! Don't hit mommy!" This excited him greatly, and he began beating his chest with his fist. Once again, the librarian shook her finger at him. By then, his glee could no longer contain itself, and burst forth in imitation of this wondrous new word. "No-no-no-no-NO!"

When will he ever learn to say "mammawuggy"?

Tutti Frutti

From the very beginning, Mr. Wuggidy has had three beautiful, plump, scrumtious strawberries, and Mr. Meep-Meep has only just now been able to catch up to his little brother. The other day he learned to blow raspberries!

We're all a little fruity around here.



From the time we brought them home from the hospital, the boys have loved "the bouncy throne." The bouncy throne came with lots of spiffy bells and whistles, which we made great use of... for about a week. This wonderful invention was carefully designed to teach babies about cause and effect by flashing colorful lights and beeping out little tunes whenever they kick. Since Mr. Meep-Meep tended to kick the most when he was throwing temper tantrums, he was rather insulted that the chair responded to his righteous anger by singing twinkle, twinkle, little star. I found it entertaining... but I eventually took pity on him and turned it off.

Other spiffy features were more useful, like the soothing vibrations. They really liked those... but it went through batteries at a morocious rate, and soon it became unneccessary, anyway. Although we had disabled the spiffy song and lights mechanism, the boys still managed to learn about cause and effect. Instead of learning that kicking produces strange lights and beeps, however, they learned that kicking makes things bounce. This proved a very useful life lesson, and widely applicable. Hence whenever they want to bounce, they know that they don't need to wait for Mammawuggy to change the batteries, and will start kicking whatever it is that they are sitting on... the floor, the stroller, mom's chest... They're still trying to figure out why it doesn't always work.

Although initially, the more complicated features of the bouncy throne were wasted on the wuggies,
now that they're getting older, new horizons are opening up. When Dadders or I are busy in the kitchen, we will bring the bouncy throne out so that one of the boys can watch the cooking show... or the cleaning show... or, in the case where the wuggies have spilled pink grapefruit juice all over a pile of freshly graded papers, the homework-drying show. That one was a smash hit, but we're not planning any reruns or sequels.

Since the wuggy throne has been so popular, we kept on intending to get another one, so that both of the wuggies could join in the fun. I was just about to actually get around to ordering one, when I discovered that it was entirely unnecessary. There was Nathan, sitting in his throne, boincing away... and there was Isaiah, standing right behind him, holding on to the back of the chair, supplying the bounce, and having even more fun than his brother.

Hurrah for teamwork!


Natebug has changed this to 染め足案ラング上げor fでother. I’m not sure how to switch it back.  we shall see. 






The Diaper Game

When he was tiny, Natebug hated to have his diaper changed, and would scream out eloquent expressions of wrath and indignation. Somewhere along the line, he got the hang of it, and the diaper game is now the highlight of his day. Well, one of the many highlights, anyway. He experiences life rather like the first book of a used Illiad---more words highlighted than not. At any rate, he loves the diaper game, and that once-traumatic ritual is now filled with gleeful laughter. Even something so fascinating as the diaper game can get a little boring after a while, though, so Mr. Meeper has decided to introduce a new twist. Quite literallly. He has taken to twisting his squirmy little legs free from my grasp, and crawling away. As I scramble about chasing him, he gives me an impish grin, as if to say "Can't stop the doopa-doopa!"