From the time we brought them home from the hospital, the boys have loved "the bouncy throne." The bouncy throne came with lots of spiffy bells and whistles, which we made great use of... for about a week. This wonderful invention was carefully designed to teach babies about cause and effect by flashing colorful lights and beeping out little tunes whenever they kick. Since Mr. Meep-Meep tended to kick the most when he was throwing temper tantrums, he was rather insulted that the chair responded to his righteous anger by singing twinkle, twinkle, little star. I found it entertaining... but I eventually took pity on him and turned it off.

Other spiffy features were more useful, like the soothing vibrations. They really liked those... but it went through batteries at a morocious rate, and soon it became unneccessary, anyway. Although we had disabled the spiffy song and lights mechanism, the boys still managed to learn about cause and effect. Instead of learning that kicking produces strange lights and beeps, however, they learned that kicking makes things bounce. This proved a very useful life lesson, and widely applicable. Hence whenever they want to bounce, they know that they don't need to wait for Mammawuggy to change the batteries, and will start kicking whatever it is that they are sitting on... the floor, the stroller, mom's chest... They're still trying to figure out why it doesn't always work.

Although initially, the more complicated features of the bouncy throne were wasted on the wuggies,
now that they're getting older, new horizons are opening up. When Dadders or I are busy in the kitchen, we will bring the bouncy throne out so that one of the boys can watch the cooking show... or the cleaning show... or, in the case where the wuggies have spilled pink grapefruit juice all over a pile of freshly graded papers, the homework-drying show. That one was a smash hit, but we're not planning any reruns or sequels.

Since the wuggy throne has been so popular, we kept on intending to get another one, so that both of the wuggies could join in the fun. I was just about to actually get around to ordering one, when I discovered that it was entirely unnecessary. There was Nathan, sitting in his throne, boincing away... and there was Isaiah, standing right behind him, holding on to the back of the chair, supplying the bounce, and having even more fun than his brother.

Hurrah for teamwork!

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