The Diaper Game

When he was tiny, Natebug hated to have his diaper changed, and would scream out eloquent expressions of wrath and indignation. Somewhere along the line, he got the hang of it, and the diaper game is now the highlight of his day. Well, one of the many highlights, anyway. He experiences life rather like the first book of a used Illiad---more words highlighted than not. At any rate, he loves the diaper game, and that once-traumatic ritual is now filled with gleeful laughter. Even something so fascinating as the diaper game can get a little boring after a while, though, so Mr. Meeper has decided to introduce a new twist. Quite literallly. He has taken to twisting his squirmy little legs free from my grasp, and crawling away. As I scramble about chasing him, he gives me an impish grin, as if to say "Can't stop the doopa-doopa!"

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Anonymous said...

I am immensely enjoying reading about the wuggies and their daily adventures. gramma j