Deliver My Life

I finally heard back from Crossway, and got permission to use the ESV for my Psalm settings and scripture songs.

So... if you happened to be looking for an arrangement of Psalm 6, for solist(s) and congregation, shoot me an email!

Psalm 6 is one of those crazy, shocking Psalms--I always wondered how David had the audacity to pray such a thing.

"Turn O Lord, deliver my life.
Save me for the sake of Your steadfast love,
for in death there is no remembrance of you,
in Sheol who will give you praise?"

It was only through song that I was able to make any sense out of those words, through the strange process of trying to find a tune to which David could have sung such a thing.

And now it is one of the very dearest of Scriptures to me, speaks to me with a deep assurance of the bedrock foundation of our salvation.

God doesn't save me for my sake, but for His own sake. I don't deserve it, but I can be absolutely certain that God will rescue me, preserve me, sustain me, and make me ever more like Christ. Because He wants my life to be a testimony to His glory. If it was all about me, I'm pretty sure God would have changed His mind a long time ago. But it's not about me. God will be glorified, and so I know that He will be faithful.


Even though it's April

Sing a song of September,
of the richly red-gold ember
of the summer's blazing heat.
Of the velvet crinch-crunch soft beneath your feet
of the leaves all spent and tender,
but mostly, darling sweet,
of you.