Looks like we'll be heading up north tomorrow...

...if we can figure out what the wuggies did with the car keys.


Given the boys' passion for mariache, I found the perfect gift for them. Oh dear--have I forgotten to tell you how much they love Spanish music? It started before they were even born... there would be dance party in my womb whenever we listened to anything with a latin beat. A few months ago, Natebug figured out how to turn on the radio to one of the ubiquitous mariache stations, and dance to the beat. The Nutkin-bubble's tastes run more along R&B lines, but we all love dancing around the house to Shakira.

Anyway, at Wally's I found a little maraca containing a band of little bobbly fruit-shaped dancers, who start playing the first few bars of the Mexican Hat Dance and shouting Bravo! and Ole! whenever.a wuggy shakes the maraca. This is every bit as much a hit as I expected, and Natebug is surprisingly good at it. As soon as the music starts playing, he adjusts his beat accordingly, with admirable acuracy. I do believe that he has as good a sense of rhythm as I did before I came to college and sat under Gary's tutelage. (My, did he have to go to extreme measures with me! I recall whole flute lessons spent marching around the music building, subdividing my footsteps. My walk was irregular, my heartbeat was irregular... and I could not persuade my flute to keep a steady beat. I've come a long way... Now I can play other people's music with only a little bit of rubato, although my own music is still of a very fluid metre. It does my still-arrhythmic heart good to see my little son so rhythmically precocious!)

The bug-a-nate has finally put down his maraca, and is instead shaking his sleeping father's glasses. I'd best go rescue them!


Whenever we go out, Natebug is very solemn and contemplative, just taking it all in. You know... I'm rather grateful for this... Posted by Hello

That's my Isaiah Nutkin. His grandpa takes good pictures. =) Posted by Hello

Dadders imparts his great wisdom to his sons. Posted by Hello

My husband is a bachelor...

of the sciences, that is.

It's a really good feeling... we're right exactly where God wants us as a family. Andy is done with school, and is doing what he loves, and what he feels called to do. He's changing kids lives.

And I'm doing what I love best, and as I cuddle my wuggies, music flows from my pen. Yeah, yeah, everything's up in the air, Andy still needs more work, etc. etc. etc. But I feel an incredible sense of peace and right-ness.

This is where we're supposed to be... and I'm ever so glad we get to take part in this adventure together. Posted by Hello

The pickles love it when Dadders takes them for adventures in the Wuggy Buggy!Posted by Hello
So. The Spear-Danes in days gone by
and the kings who ruled them had courage and greatness.
We have heard of those princes' heroic campaigns...

Natebug has been practicing to be a great warrior, learning to control his spear... well... the broom anyway. It's hard work, heavy and unwieldy, but Meepo has the spelunknoi.

Oh yes.


Yesterday afternoon, Andy and I watched ROTK. No, not the extended version--that would require a DVD player--just the regular version, which, believe it or not, we hadn't seen yet. (We were otherwise occupied when it came out!) Anyway, we finally saw it, and it was an amazing achievement. No, we weren't that impressed with the film--it was our least favorite of the trilogy. (Perhaps they figured they didn't need to work so hard on it, because the first two determined its box office success?) SEEing the movie was an impressive accomplishment. We all curled up as a family on the bed, and the boys were riveted by the images on the screen. Unfortunately, the images tended to be rather disturbing most of the time, so the boys were relegated to the Wuggy Bucket. (AKA playpen) Thus I spent most of the movie running back and forth finding things to occupy the pickles. Sippy cups finally kept them happy... once I found them. It was quite a search, though. I know we have dozens of sippy cups, so where are they and why do they keep disappearing? It was quite frustrating.

Anyway, this morning I found Natebug vigorously going at a sippy cup. I hadn't given him a cup this morning, neither had Dadders...and it was full of hard cider.

Suddenly everything fell into place. The boys are operating their own brewery, hiding their sippy cups behind the couch, in the toy basket, and behind the tree...

Time to crack down on the operation.


Xtreme Sports

Natebug has a new hobby--ottoman surfing. He has figured out how to climb up onto the gliding footstool that goes to our glider, and it is great fun.

Until he goes splat.

Then it is not so fun.


The eggducation of hatchlings

Yesterday after church, as we made our ritual stop at Trader Joes, Andy decided to run into the learning supplies store next door to look for math manipulatives. Unfortunately, they really didn't have much that looked terribly useful for his purposes---instead of explicating math concepts in interesting and engaging ways, these products attempted to mask the fact that this is math class with utterly irrelevant "exciting" elements that have absolutely nothing to do with the concepts at hand. Like the pen that "motivates students with flashing lights!" Most of the items displayed seemed as though they would be quite effective in teaching children that math is boring in itself, and needs a heavy dose of "interesting" stuff to make it palatable. Perhaps I should ask my mother to dig out the wonderful math games from my childhood... The fun stuff is intrinsic to math, not extrinsic. Numbers actually are much more interesting than flashing lights--even to a third grader, as long as they are properly understood--but you'd never know that from looking at these educational tools.

But I digress. While we were in the store, we looked various educational toys for pickles of the small variety. They had a lovely little play area, in which the wuggies sat upon little pint-sized stuffed chairs, grabbed a toy train from a little boy, played with a different toy train, grabbed toy trains out of each others hands, and played with the eggs. It was one of those toys consisting of a row of small characters which pop up when you push the button, flip the appropriate switch, or whatever. In most such toys, the characters are hidden under a flap door, but in this case, they were concealed inside an egg. When you push the button, the creature "hatches." I thought it was immensely cute, and contemplated getting it for a Christmas present. However, the boys found it interesting... but no more interesting than the massive quantity of toys that already covers our living room floor.

What to get the boys for Christmas? They like the noisy toys---the little "piano," the talking lizard, and the pajama-clad "Prayer Bear" that recites "Now I lay me down to sleep." And they especially like taking canned goods out of the pantry. But what they really get the biggest kick out of is just anything new. They spend their days going doopah-doopah all over the place, in search of new experiences.

I always thought of the day-after-Christmas-boredom phenomenon as something pernicious, a sign of ingratitude and discontent. Certainly we ought to learn to appreciate what we do have, instead of always wanting more, more, more. Yet can we really be surprised, or upset even, that the much desired sparkly toys lose their charm once obtained? A child's task is to learn, learn, learn, and he pursues that task with vigour. He must see the world in different, new ways, he must add new experiences to his perception of the world. Toys are generally designed to give a child wonderful new experiences, which, by definition, cease to be new rather quickly.

Perhaps the toys which would be most conducive to fun would be those which encourage them to explore deep, rather than wide, enabling them to see different elements of the things that already surround them, rather than just showing them new stuff. As in math, the best sort of fun is intrinsic to the structure of the world, not extrinsic.

At Trader Joes, they gave the boys a perfectly marvelous educational toy--a helium balloon. They were utterly enthralled. This strange red globe contradicted everything they had figured out about gravity. They spent the afternoon conferring together, trying to expand their theory to account for this new phenomenon.

Of course, even a balloon loses its charm after a while, not to mention its helium, and so late last night they found something else to get into.And thus it came about that we found the kitchen floor covered in eggs.


Our four-gnerational Thanksgiving. In the background you can see Isaiah conked out in the new high chair Grandma and Grandpa brought him. Posted by Hello

Aunt Sarah, setting the table for Thanksgiving dinner. Does she not have the most incredibly gorgeous hair you've ever seen? The wuggies found it enthralling... Posted by Hello

My daddy just sent me a CD full of the pictures he took over thanksgiving. Here's Natebug playing with his spiffy ball. Incidentally, that ball truly is one of the spiffiest balls I have ever seen. When you bounce it, or hit it just right, it starts flashing red and blue. Natebug, as enthralled with light as ever, finds it particularly fascinating. Posted by Hello



The boys are coming in with their next set of teeth. As before, they bring with them pain and grumpiness, but it is not nearly so bad as last time. The boys are learning how to make the best of things, to make lemonade out of lifes lemons. Er... maybe that's make lemons out of life's lemonade. They do love snacking on lemon slices. In any case, Isaiah has a wonderful new pastime. Now that he has teeth both on the top and on the bottom, he can clack them together. This is almost as much fun as trying to clap his hands.

Speaking of Isaiah's hands, yesterday we noticed that he has picked up one of his Dadders' mannerisms. As Andy was taking a moment to assess what he next needed to do, he leaned back a bit, and, as he often does in this attitude, absent-mindedly rested his wrists on his stomach and patted his middle rhythmically a few times---then looked down to see Isaiah doing the exact same thing. It was very cute... oh well, I guess you just had to be there.


jt yjf uu68jju7jhq




One small step for Isaiah...

A giant leap for wuggykind!



Every year as we begin to eat out turkey and cranberry sauce, we go around the table and tell what we are thankful for in the past year. Somehow we forgot that tradition this year.

No matter. They were right there, sitting next to us in high chairs, throwing mashed potatoes around and playing with cranberry sauce.

One year ago... just yesterday, and an eternity ago. This Christmas will be very different from the last... and yet the same. Last Christmas was Advent, was Lent. The year has cycled around, and we are back again, and now it is Christmas, now it is Easter, and now we sing with loud hallelujas.

Praise be to God Almighty, source of life and every good gift, and glory be to Christ His Son, who became incarnate, who made himself a feeble child for the salvation of my children. All honor and wisdom and power and strength be to Him who sustains our faith through the long desolate night. All majesty belongs to Him who is faithful, who fulfils his promises at last, and breaks forth in radiant light.

Lo, the winter is past and the rain is gone...

Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!


Every year as we begin to eat out turkey and cranberry sauce, we go around the table and tell what we are thankful for in the past year. Somehow we forgot that tradition this year.

No matter. They were right there, sitting next to us in high chairs, throwing mashed potatoes around and playing with cranberry sauce.

One year ago... just yesterday, and an eternity ago. This Christmas will be very different from the last... and yet the same. Last Christmas was Advent, was Lent. The year has cycled around, and we are back again, and now it is Christmas, now it is Easter, and now we sing with loud hallelujas.

Praise be to God Almighty, source of life and every good gift, and glory be to Christ His Son, who became incarnate, who made himself a feeble child for the salvation of my children. All honor and wisdom and power and strength be to Him who sustains our faith through the long desolate night. All majesty belongs to Him who is faithful, who fulfils his promises at last, and breaks forth in radiant light.

Lo, the winter is past and the rain is gone...

Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!


Every year as we begin to eat our turkey and cranberry sauce, we go around the table and tell what we are thankful for in the past year. Somehow we forgot that tradition this year.

No matter. They were right there, sitting next to us in high chairs, throwing mashed potatoes around and playing with cranberry sauce.

One year ago... just yesterday, and an eternity ago. This Christmas will be very different from the last... and yet the same. Last Christmas was Advent, was Lent. The year has cycled around, and we are back again, and now it is Christmas, now it is Easter, and now we sing with loud hallelujas.

Praise be to God Almighty, source of life and every good gift, and glory be to Christ His Son, who became incarnate, who made himself a feeble child for the salvation of my children. All honor and wisdom and power and strength be to Him who sustains our faith through the long desolate night. All majesty belongs to Him who is faithful, who fulfils his promises at last, and breaks forth in radiant light.

Lo, the winter is past and the rain is gone...

Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!


The day wears on...

...and we are all wearing clothes! Everyone is dressed for the day, I have finished getting my new piece on paper, and I have found the piece of paper on which the old piece resides, which was missing because my old music notebook fell to pieces.

I have also read a few pages of a devotional book, the slipcover of which is also now falling to pieces. If anyone requires the services of a paper shredder, I have two quite excellent ones who will be happy to help you in exchange for some important documents to rip up.

And I have located a recipe for enchiladas!

All in between diapers and feedings and cuddles and snoofles and nose-wipings and kisses and raspberries and playtime... I'm rather proud of myself.

Thus progresseth the day, and the progress therein....

And now it's time for Silly Songs with Dadders, the part of the show where Dadders comes out and sings a silly song.

Wuggy, Wuggy Crocket,
King of theWild Doopah-Land!

Born on a river-bank when he was three,
Killed a bumble-bear by swattin' at a bee!

Wuggy, Wuggy Crocket,
King of the Wild Doopah-Land!

A day in the life of a mommy...

...is an unpredictable sort of thing. She starts out the day with big plans and dreams and goals, and ends the day with plenty of funny stories about how everything went haywire. So, I might as well put it to good use, and share the laughter. In any case, this will give me extra motivation...

It is 10:06am. 10:07 actually, by now. My, how the day flies by. By the end of the day, the kitchen will be babyproof and in a moderate state of cleanliness, yummy cheese enchiladas will be on the table, I will have codified the rhythms on one piece, and my newest piece will have emerged into a more certain shape.

I'm sorely tempted to add laundry to the list...

Oh, what the snorkle.... And I'm going to get all the laundry done!

Okay, okay... I'll get the laundry put away.

Gentlemommies, start your engines!

On your mark...

get set...

Go feed the screaming baby!

Escape from Doopah!

The wuggies are becoming quite adept at cooperative problem-solving. They empty the boxes which form the wuggie barricade, scoot them out of the way, and craw determinedly toward the kitchen sink. Their boundaries have hereby been expanded... and it's time to babyproof the kitchen. Can't stop the doopa-doopah!


Searching for glasses...

...is rather difficult, because without them, you cannot see where you are looking. It becomes even more difficult in households where small objects tend to migrate about the room in disordered patterns.


A special 2-for-1 holiday offer....

Give the Gift of Parents!

*actual advertisement*


Speaking of books...

What are your favorite childhood books, dear readers?

Full Circle

My mommy just sent me a box full of, among other things, books from my early childhood. Her we are again... The Curious Kitten, The Real Mother Goose, The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes, Bible Stories in Verse, The Tales of Peter Rabbit, and the wonderful poetry of Margaret Wyse Brown. Mommy and small person cuddled up together... But now I'm the Mommy. It's a very strange feeling, and reminds me just how much I love MY Mommy. I hope I can show my boys as much love as my mother did me.

Nibble, nibble, nibble, goes the mouse in my heart,
and the mouse in my heart is you.


I dream of algebra...

When the boys woke up around 2:00 this morning, Andy was a bit frustrated at their inability to graph a certain equation.

Speaking of fish, Mr. Wugger's new favorite pastime is gnawing on a bright multi-colored plastic fish. (Rainbow trout?) We just need to be careful to limit him to 3 servings a week, due to mercury content....

But what constitutes a proper serving size for plastic fish?


Wuggy, Put the Kettle On

I was sitting on the couch with both of the wuggies on my lap, introducing them to Mother Goose..

Polly, put the kettle on,
Polly, put the kettle on,
Polly, put the kettle on,
And let's drink tea!

As I sang, there was a good deal of squirming going on, and before going on to Sukey's verse, I paused to figure out what Natebug was up to. He had pulled himelf up, and retrieved my tea-mug from the desk beside the couch, and was merrily drinking the dregs of my tea.

Meeper, put it back again,
Meeper, put it back again....

I'm very glad that the tea was lukewarm!

Get out your credit cards...

...I just saw a flashing ad for a fantastic online merchant.



Yes, indeed, the fish is on.


Glacier growing

Forget trivialities such as the proper way to squeeze a tube of toothpaste, or which way the toilet paper goes... the greatest source of tension in our marriage comes from forgetting to fill up the ice cube tray. To resolve this deeply important issue, we have taken to growing our own glaciers. Whenever one of us needs some ice, we crack the ice loose from the tray, retrieve three ice cubes, fill it back up with water, and put it back in the freezer. In this manner, when we next approach the ice cube tray wishing for ice, there are always lots of nice, fresh cubes for us to enjoy. However, as we fill up the three empty cube, we also end up filling in all the little cracks in and around all the cubes that are still left. Little by little, they have been growing... and growing... and growing. Every time we get more ice, our glacier has grown. You'd be amazed at just how much entertainment value we get out of this. Suddenly, refilling the ice cube tray is no longer a drudge, but one of our favorite hobbies. Only one question remains-- what in the world are we going to do with those enormous blobs of ice?


My music

For your listening pleasure I've posted an audio link to the second movement of the 12-tone flute sonata I'm composing. It's very much a work in progress, so constructive criticism is welcome.

Meanwhile, if you listen closely, you can hear the wuggies in the background. No, that's not me "singing" to my flute again... believe it or not, I think I've finally conquered that bad habit. =)

Anyway, let me know what you think.
this is an audio post - click to play


Natebug and I were just sharing a special bonding moment. He cuddled up on my lap, and I kissed his little face as he gazed adoringly up at me and squinchled his nose. I took off my glasses to keep them from falling onto his face. Immediately, his adoring gaze turned toward the keyboard where my glasses lay. Does he love me... or just my glasses?


Sing the wuggy, the wuggy of many twists and turns... Many thanks to George and Lettie Speckman for taking such a cute picture--and for watching the boys so I could go to class without the stroller! God has truly blessed us with so many dear friends. Posted by Hello

Courtesy of Lettie Speckman. Posted by Hello

Word Count

Now that my own name has been added to the list, I am feeling much less insecure, and I am exceedingly proud of my youngest son's extraordinary vocabulary. Mr. Wuggidy has been known to repeat...

I love you

What a kid!

A Whole New Word

Last night, Isaiah was lying snuggled up between Dadderwuggy and I, and sleepily, contemplatively, he said, "Dada." He considered for a moment more, and then said "Mama."

Ahh... My baby knows who I am. 'Tis a nice feeling.

My relationships with my wuggies have been so one sided for so long. But now, at last, more and more they are able not only to recieve my love, but also to love me back. Now that they are becoming mobile, and capable of choosing where they want to be, it thrills my soul that so often the place where they want to be is hugging my knees.

I love these little boys.


The fish is on!

Having kids teaches you lots of wonderful things. For instance, how little sleep it is possible to live on.... and just how much sleep is worth. The law of supply and demand is more broadly applicable than you ever thought.

You also learn that baby talk actually didn't originate from the clumsy attempts of small children to learn to talk, but rather from the clumsy attempts of parents to be quasi-realistic as they interperet their pre-verbal childrens discourses. Nathan and Isaiah have been known to spout off deep mathematical profundities and clever witticisms---all in baby-talk of course.

Most importantly, however, you learn that you don't always make a whole lot of sense. The converse also applies--things don't always make sense to you. Especially at 2 am. So when your husband shakes you awake to urgently inform you that the fish is on, just make a mental note to set up an aquarium...

...and you might as well feed the screaming baby while you're at it.


The truth of the matter...

...is that the tooth is the matter.

The tooth count in the Johnston household has suddenly jumped from 64 to 68 in the past week. It has been a painful process.... for their gums, and our ears.

Everything comes two by two by tooth.

Double trouble... double time.


Natebug says Posted by Hello

Just you watch me... Posted by Hello

...oh yes... Posted by Hello

I'm gonna get that camera!Posted by Hello


Diaper boxes are great for when you're learning to stand up all by yourself. Meanwhile, Isaiah is grasping at straws. Drinking straws, that is. He has a passion for straws... or anything else long and thin like that, for that matter. (Don't worry, we don't let him play with them without supervision!) Isaiah clutched that straw all evening, merrily waving it about on our walk. By the end of the evening, that was one mighy beat-up straw! =)Posted by Hello

We read The Tale of Benjamin Bunny this afternoon to distract the boys from their teething pain.  Posted by Hello

Sunday best Posted by Hello

studying good ol' Edwards. Grampa Johnston would be very proud. Again, it's from a while back... but we think its pretty cute! Posted by Hello

The wuggies love hanging out with their friend Autumn. Autumn is likes playing with them, too... unless the parents decide the wuggyfest would make a great photo-op. Posted by Hello

This one is from a few months ago... Posted by Hello


The latest word

The other day the boys and I took a walk to the library. We had a delightful time reading about Pinkerton, and Socrates and the Three Little Pigs. Mr. Wuggidy made friends with the nice lady who was shelving childrens books, and they spent some time gleefully making faces at one another. Somewhere in the middle of the conversation, he reached over and grabbed a handfull of my hair to munch on. The library lady shook her finger at him, saying "no-no-no! Don't grab mommy's hair!" Isaiah thought this was great fun, and started laughing and waving his arms about. One of those arms inevitable whacked me in the face, spurring the librarian on to a repeat performance. "No-no-no! Don't hit mommy!" This excited him greatly, and he began beating his chest with his fist. Once again, the librarian shook her finger at him. By then, his glee could no longer contain itself, and burst forth in imitation of this wondrous new word. "No-no-no-no-NO!"

When will he ever learn to say "mammawuggy"?

Tutti Frutti

From the very beginning, Mr. Wuggidy has had three beautiful, plump, scrumtious strawberries, and Mr. Meep-Meep has only just now been able to catch up to his little brother. The other day he learned to blow raspberries!

We're all a little fruity around here.



From the time we brought them home from the hospital, the boys have loved "the bouncy throne." The bouncy throne came with lots of spiffy bells and whistles, which we made great use of... for about a week. This wonderful invention was carefully designed to teach babies about cause and effect by flashing colorful lights and beeping out little tunes whenever they kick. Since Mr. Meep-Meep tended to kick the most when he was throwing temper tantrums, he was rather insulted that the chair responded to his righteous anger by singing twinkle, twinkle, little star. I found it entertaining... but I eventually took pity on him and turned it off.

Other spiffy features were more useful, like the soothing vibrations. They really liked those... but it went through batteries at a morocious rate, and soon it became unneccessary, anyway. Although we had disabled the spiffy song and lights mechanism, the boys still managed to learn about cause and effect. Instead of learning that kicking produces strange lights and beeps, however, they learned that kicking makes things bounce. This proved a very useful life lesson, and widely applicable. Hence whenever they want to bounce, they know that they don't need to wait for Mammawuggy to change the batteries, and will start kicking whatever it is that they are sitting on... the floor, the stroller, mom's chest... They're still trying to figure out why it doesn't always work.

Although initially, the more complicated features of the bouncy throne were wasted on the wuggies,
now that they're getting older, new horizons are opening up. When Dadders or I are busy in the kitchen, we will bring the bouncy throne out so that one of the boys can watch the cooking show... or the cleaning show... or, in the case where the wuggies have spilled pink grapefruit juice all over a pile of freshly graded papers, the homework-drying show. That one was a smash hit, but we're not planning any reruns or sequels.

Since the wuggy throne has been so popular, we kept on intending to get another one, so that both of the wuggies could join in the fun. I was just about to actually get around to ordering one, when I discovered that it was entirely unnecessary. There was Nathan, sitting in his throne, boincing away... and there was Isaiah, standing right behind him, holding on to the back of the chair, supplying the bounce, and having even more fun than his brother.

Hurrah for teamwork!


Natebug has changed this to 染め足案ラング上げor fでother. I’m not sure how to switch it back.  we shall see. 






The Diaper Game

When he was tiny, Natebug hated to have his diaper changed, and would scream out eloquent expressions of wrath and indignation. Somewhere along the line, he got the hang of it, and the diaper game is now the highlight of his day. Well, one of the many highlights, anyway. He experiences life rather like the first book of a used Illiad---more words highlighted than not. At any rate, he loves the diaper game, and that once-traumatic ritual is now filled with gleeful laughter. Even something so fascinating as the diaper game can get a little boring after a while, though, so Mr. Meeper has decided to introduce a new twist. Quite literallly. He has taken to twisting his squirmy little legs free from my grasp, and crawling away. As I scramble about chasing him, he gives me an impish grin, as if to say "Can't stop the doopa-doopa!"


Upwardly mobile...

Mr. Wuggidy is sitting himself up all by himself... and Mr. Meep-Meep is pulling himself up on things. I'm afraid that it just might be time to take baby-proofing to the next level.


That is the "going places" song, and we've been hearing quite a bit of it. Natebug is making his way across the floor with ever greater speed and agility. Crouched low to the ground, he scuttles about on hand (singular) and knees...and elbow. From time to time he will pause, and, propped up on one hand, wave to the admiring crowds.

Meanwhile, Isaiah has finally figured out how to put one knee in front of the other. And there was great rejoicing... and much baby-chasing!

Stars in his eyes...

When he was first born, Mr. Wuggers' eyes were the same murky blue as most babie's eyes. Ever since, they have been slowly shifting through various shades of green and hazel. I've never really had a good answer when people ask me what color they are. I've figured it out now, though. Yesterday, I was closely examining his eyes, and discovered that they are a lovely shade of olive green, with quite distinct, perfectly 5-pointed stars in the middle.

Next time somebody asks I'll just say that Nathan's blue-eyed... and Isaiah's starry-eyed.


Deja Who?

I am an extremely heavy sleeper, and woe to him who tries to wake me. Once, when I was in
high school, my mom tried to wake me from a nap. I didn't wake up... but I did kick her in the face. Thus, during my pregnancy, one of my greatest fears was that I would have the same sort of "knee-jerk" reaction when my little ones would try to wake me for their midnight snacks. People reassured me that once they were born, everything would change. I would develop "mommy ears," and would effortlessly awaken at the drop of hat. No such luck. What really happened was that I became quite adept at nursing in my sleep. I'm rarely entirely cognizant of what I'm doing in the middle of the night, and seldom remember how many times I was up... but somehow we make it.

Sometimes those midnight feedings can be unutterably precious bonding moments. The other night, I awoke to Isaiah's cries of desperate hunger. I took my litte boy into my arm, and when he found my breast, he gave a little sigh of contentment and nestled against me. I cuddled and kissed him, whispered softly to him, and it was precious indeed. Then, just as he was satisfied and falling back asleep, his brother began to cry. So I rolled over...

And there was Isaiah.

There was a slight moment of panic. Are there two Isaiah's? No... that must not be it... but this child that just woke up was definitely Isaiah. That must not have been Isaiah that I was snuggling. I rolled back over and looked. Sure enough, that had been Nathan all along.

In that moment I knew a little of what Isaac must have felt when Esau returned from the hunt.

But fortunately I have plenty of cuddles to go around. So I just rolled over and cuddled Isaiah all over again.


Hoppy-toad go Splat!

Mr. Wuggidy is determined to follow in his brother's footsteps. Perhaps it should be hand-and-knee-steps? But regardless of what it ought to be, Wuggers is interpereting it a s footsteps. With boundless vigour and determination, my little son leaps to his feet. Then, just as vigorously, and in quite the same spirit, he falls flat on his face. He repeats this process until he reaches his goal. It may be a clunky and rather painful method of locomotion, but Isaiah's happy... He's going places!

The kid's got some spelunknoi. I see a lot of his Dadders in him.

Relatinships in Relationship

Lately, I have been pondering how my relationship with God re-frames my relationships with other people. Now I'm starting to see that it goes the other way, too.

I am embarking on a "spiritual direction" relationship with a woman from our church. I've never done anything like this before, but the idea seems to be that Katie, who is completing a graduate program in spiritual formation, will come along side me and mentor me in my prayer life. We just had our first meeting this morning, but even now I'm struck with the shift in perspective that comes with intentionally inviting another person into my prayer life.

The simplest explanation for the relationship between the earth and the sun is that the sun must revolve around the earth. Of course you can come up with complicated theories of how it is otherwise, but they are very unintuitive, and smack of nonsense.

When you add Mars and Venus into the equation, however, everything changes. Suddenly, centering everything around the earth requires convoluted mathematical gyrations, and the heliocentric model has the ring of truth.

This paradigm shift is simultaneously humbling and thrilling. Because, of course, I'm awfully feeble and insignificant for the center of the universe, and as such I'm really rather worthless. On the other hand, as a member of the Body of Christ, I am precious and beloved, and by God's grace, I am fully capable of doing all that He has called for me to do.


Gainfully employed!

The great job hunt is over! Andy has finally found some learning centers who are willing to pay him what he's worth. So far he's collected two part time learning center jobs, and is waiting to hear back from a few others. He still has holes in his schedule, and is hoping to collect more private students as the semester wears on, but he is no longer actively looking for work. It's a good feeling. For the first time in our married life, he can simply go to work, and come home at the end of the day and leave it behind. No endless piles of homework, no job hunt, just a nice, self-contained job. Or collection of jobs, as the case may be. Maybe--just maybe--life will finally settle down a little.


Feeding on the Word

The other day as I was reading up for my philosophy of music class, I heard Natebug scrunching up some paper. He had gotten into one of the phone books again. Since we live in SoCal, and thus have a bakers dozen mostly-overlapping-but-not-quite-interchangeable phone books always on hand, I wasn't too worried. Nevertheless, the nutritional content of the yellow pages is rather low, and babies don't really need that much fiber anyway, so I intervened once I saw that he had actually dislodged a page.

That's when I discovered that it wasn't a phone book at all, but that Mr. Meeper was engaged in an in-depth Bible Study, pulling apart chapters 7 and 8 of Revelation.

I feel very proud for having instilled in him a love of Scripture at such a young age. I'm a little worried though. What is the proper interperetation of Rev. 22:19?

Happy, healthy.... and extraordinarily handsome.

We knew it all along, but yesterday a whole bunch of experts confirmed our opinions. We took the wuggies back to the hospital for their high-risk follow-up appointment, and various members of the NICU staff examined their growth and development. It was so good to bring them back to the wonderful women who had cared for them as tiny, fragile infants, and to celebrate just how far they've come. The consensus was that they are just precisely the way they ought to be for the age they ought to be. No sign of cognitive delays in Isaiah, despite the nasty blood infection, and Natebug is even a little advanced.

Thanks be to God!



(this message is brought to you by Mr. Wuggidy and the letter Q)


Blah blah blah...

Mr. Meep-meep's first word was Dadders. Slowly, painstakingly, he figured out how to imitate Andy, and put those sounds together. "D-d-da-DAd-Dadr-DadR-DADRRRs!" Once he finally succeeded, he was immensely pround of his achievement, and proceeded to repeat his new word over and over.

Mr. Wuggidy's first word was "da-da-da-da-da." (I'm sensing a pattern, here...) This came much easier for him, and with much less intentionality. He just sort of stumbled upon it in his exploration of sounds, and discovered that this particular "phrase" elicited much attention from Dadders.

Feeling a bit insecure, I've been trying desperately to ensure that at least their second word will be some sort of derivative of "mammawuggy."

No such luck. The other day Andy was changing Isaiah's diaper, and said, "Blucky!"

And so now he has a new favorite word. "bla-bla-bla"