Speaking of books...

What are your favorite childhood books, dear readers?


slowlane said...

My absolute favorite children's book (I still read it fairly often and it has made my list of top twenty most influential books) is Mouse Tails by Arnold Lobel.

Other books that are incredibly good are (in no particular order):
Most anything by Bill Peet
Harold and the Purple Crayon
Bread and Jam for Francis (and the other Francis books)
Everything else by Arnold Lobel

Joi said...

For early childhood (my later childhood reading was rather odd, I'm afraid!)

I'll second Bill Peet and the Francis books, those are lovely! I also liked anything by Syd Hoff, and Richard Scarry. Dr Suess goes without saying. Also one called The Sweet Smell of Christmas, a Christmas scratch-and-sniff book that STILL smells lovely. There was also my book of The Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night. My mother claims that she read me Bugs Bunny and Too Many Carrots approixamtely a million times, but I sadly don't remember it. Odd, isn't it? There was also Tales of the Kingdom and Tales of the Resistance, the original hardback printings, which have lovely illustrations.

Anonymous said...

I like Pat the Bunny ... a small pink and blue British book with lots of things to touch like sandpaper on daddy's scratchy face before he shaves, a furry bunny (to pat), etc. :)