Yesterday afternoon, Andy and I watched ROTK. No, not the extended version--that would require a DVD player--just the regular version, which, believe it or not, we hadn't seen yet. (We were otherwise occupied when it came out!) Anyway, we finally saw it, and it was an amazing achievement. No, we weren't that impressed with the film--it was our least favorite of the trilogy. (Perhaps they figured they didn't need to work so hard on it, because the first two determined its box office success?) SEEing the movie was an impressive accomplishment. We all curled up as a family on the bed, and the boys were riveted by the images on the screen. Unfortunately, the images tended to be rather disturbing most of the time, so the boys were relegated to the Wuggy Bucket. (AKA playpen) Thus I spent most of the movie running back and forth finding things to occupy the pickles. Sippy cups finally kept them happy... once I found them. It was quite a search, though. I know we have dozens of sippy cups, so where are they and why do they keep disappearing? It was quite frustrating.

Anyway, this morning I found Natebug vigorously going at a sippy cup. I hadn't given him a cup this morning, neither had Dadders...and it was full of hard cider.

Suddenly everything fell into place. The boys are operating their own brewery, hiding their sippy cups behind the couch, in the toy basket, and behind the tree...

Time to crack down on the operation.


Anonymous said...

Hard cider...Elena, I haven't laughed that hard in quite awhile! :) Reading your blog makes me excited about my munchkin coming and learning and growing and hiding his/her own sippy cups behind the sofas... yay! :)


Rachel said...

Elena, you're a terrific writer. I always enjoy your posts, but this one in particular made me laugh. Out loud. For a really long time. :)