Nathan has discovered the joys of "no."

Sometimes this is played out in the dreaded two-and-a-half tantrums, where he wants what he wants, but oh, not that way, no he doesn't want it that way, not at all, but he HAS to have it, NOOOOOOO! Nothing is satisfactory, short of altering the laws of the universe, maybe going back in time so he would have gone down for his nap earlier or a had little more excercise the previous day. We all feel like that sometimes, I think, and it's quite an enlightening experience to see the jumbled emotions of intense frustration laid out so openly and clearly, in the full glory of their irrationality.

Ah, yes. Tantrums.

But usually, no is a fun word, a delicious word. Sometimes thoughtful, sometimes pedanting, but always matter of fact and measured and congenially decisive.

"Mama, I'm takin' a bath."

"Oh, really, Meepo? That's great!"

He raised one eyebrow at me, in a look of indulgent longsufferring patience.

"Mama," he repeated, this time nodding for emphasis between each word, "I'ma... takin'... a bath."

"Oh, so you're taking a bath?"

It was with triumphant dignity that he grinned up at me and pronounced, simply and definitively...



S.J. Palmer said...

Hooray. I miss you guys...after midrags we should hang out. Oh, and look, I got a new blog

Anonymous said...

I remember something about a Precious Moments figurine...

Elena said...

Out of curiousity, was the Precious Moment comment meant for the "No" post or the Barnes and Noble post?

Anonymous said...

Whoops, commented on the wrong one. Definitely Barnes and Noble. Or cute card shop. Or Gift shop. or whatever it was.