Jane no like jungle so much. Must stay inside grass hut with air conditioning.

During our house hunt, we looked at an apartment complex in Tomball. It seems that the laws about no more than two to a bedroom don't apply if the youngest resident is under 24 months. As our youngest resident is currently only 23 1/2 months old... well, it's all open to interpretation.

Anyway, this particular apartment had everything. Okay, so it was 6 miles away from Andy's job, and they didn't have anything opening up for another three weeks, but oh man, this place had everything. Playground, private balconies, sizable patios... it even had its own private graveyard. No, I'm not joking.

Anyway, we didn't end up getting this apartment, because it was, after all, 6 miles away from Andy's job, and they didn't have an opening for three weeks, but among the amenities of this particular apartment complex was a 24-hour excercise room, complete with a dry sauna.

Dry sauna? What in the world is a dry sauna, and what in the world would anyone want with one? Doesn't that defeat the whole purpose?

Then I stepped back outside, and it all made sense. Whatever the merits of dry saunas may be, one thing is certain. A normal sauna would definitely not be much of a selling point around here. The whole Houston area is just one big, steamy sauna.

I like saunas. Really, I do. But everyone knows that the best part about a sauna is the part where you get out and go jump in the pool.

And so it is that my very favorite thing about Texas is air conditioning.


Rachel said...

What kind of graveyard did they have? Was it an old, historic graveyard, or a graveyard for pets, or just a regular one? Very weird any way you look at it.

Elena said...

It seems that this particular complex was built on the site of the very first post office in Tomball, and the first postmaster and his family are buried there. They had a nice big wooded park area with picnic tables and barbeque pits, and somewhere in the midst of it all was this little memorial area, sectioned off with a tall iron fence. It was actually kind of cool.

We would have rented there if the timing had been right.

But I'm glad we're in a house.