We've still been running the air-conditioner off and on, but suddenly it is heater weather. A simple flip of the switch, however, revealed that this means that it is going to be on and off jacket weather inside our house until the repairman comes out to fix the heater.

Texas, unlike California, actually has seasons, and this time of year, you can experience all four of them in the space of a week.

"Mama! You have ant bites, too?!"

Texas also has ants. Ants seem to be particularly fascinating to young blue-eyed boys, and Texas ants are the biting kind. Kai-kai, September, and Isaiah have always tended to stay clear of them, but Willie is enraptured with their swarming patterns, just like Nathan was at his age.

Stroking me sympathetically, Willie took a closer look at my arm.

"Oh, those aren't ant bites... you're just cold!"

He whipped his jacket off, and offered it to me. I thanked him for the sweet gesture, and told him that perhaps he could go fetch me my own jacket off the banister.

He immediately went scurrying off, and the moment he was back, and my jacket was safely in my hands, he picked up his own little black and red puffer.

"There. Now I'm going to put my coat back on. Because I'm freezing."


Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Bring me up to date on your kids, will you? (I can't keep track - you keep having more!) ;) Nathan and Isaiah, then September, then Willie, then...Kai-kai? Is this the new baby?

Elena Johnston said...

Ah yes. We just celebrated little Hezekiah's second birthday. With a "bopatato" cake, no less. (That's how you refer to Veggie Tales in Kai-kai-ese.)

We shall see what February brings... =)