Hello again!

Long time, no see!

After months of silence, I'm emerging once again into the world of blogging. Hopefully.

We still don't have a computer (I'm at Biola right now) but our apartment is now officially in condition to support a computer.

Amazing how complicated that can be. You cannot have a computer until you have a place to put said computer. This place should not be in close proximity to a heater. It also should not be in close proximity to toddlers. Yes, we learned both of these lessons the hard way.

The first criterion is not terribly difficult to meet, once you realize the need to take it into consideration, since heater vents generally tend to stay in the same place. Of course, as we discovered last night, this principle does not necessarily apply to the grates covering them, due to the migratory nature of toddlers... but that is another tale for another day. The point is that the the migratory nature of toddlers also serves to make the second criterion for computer placement rather more complicated. Anything that can be climbed upon will be climbed upon....

But now we have a nice, enclosed hutch, and soon we will have a computer to go in it.

AFTER we get some toddler locks!

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lasselanta said...

Yay! More posts on the Wuggy Chronicles!

You should write a thesis on the migratory nature of toddlers, documenting their migration patterns and suggesting ways to preserve their natural habitats. (After all, all these lessons learned the hard way should give you SOME academic credit...)