A Gripping Tale of the Virtues of Vices

Dadders has just one big vice.

The wuggies' great passion in life is imitating Dadders, so they have a vice, too.

It's just like Dadders', only smaller.

And plastic.

Vices are very spiffy. They're almost as spiffy as hammers, except you stick them on to things, instead of banging things with them. Dadders used his vice to fix the chair. Now it doesn't come apart anymore when Mama sits on it. Meepo and Wuggidy helped out with their vice, too.

Vices are very virtuous things.

Oh yes.


Daniel Peckham said...

that was funny ... it took me a few reads at first to realize you were talking about a MECHANICAL vice, not a SPIRITUAL vice. :) - Katie P

Rachel said...

I agree--it gave me a good laugh!

Elena said...

Makes me wonder if there's a significant relationship between the two meanings of the word...