Pickle Dressing

In my numerous conversations with medical professionals about the wuggies' development, one question has consistently flumoxed me.

Do they cooperate with dressing?

No. They don't. Far from it.

I'm pretty sure that this is simply due to sheer orneriness, not any problems with their coordination. After all, they don't have any trouble out-climbing me on the stairs, and actually, their methods of uncooperation are rather sophisticated... but the fact of the matter is, they don't cooperate with me when I try to dress them. This is one developmental milestone that they have not yet achieved, and they're showing no interest in doing so. .

Now, however, I am proud to announce that the next time I am faced with that question, I can answer, "No, but Isaiah can dress himself."

His technique could use a little fine-tuning... but he did at least get one arm successfully through the proper sleeve. If the neck-hole did double-duty as an armhole, so be it.

I was so proud of him that I let him go the whole day wearing an inside-out striped onesie over his pajama top.

Proud of his accomplishment...

...and ready to jump on any excuse to avoid the big dressing fight.

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Anonymous said...

we're proud of that little guy!
Grandma Duck