To Whom It May Concern:

This letter refers to the amount requested to be paid to ______ as reflected on the payment stub contained in this envelope.

This amount cannot be exacted from anyone at this address for the following reasons:

1) The debt has been incurred by a Nathan A. Johnson. Please note that no such person resides at this address. There is a Nathan S. Johnston. Please note the differences in the spelling of the names.

2) Nathan S. Johnston is a minor. Specifically, he is 2 1/2 years old. He does not have a bank account, nor does he have access to any means of convincing creditors that he would be able to make good on any debt whatsoever.

A medical record from Nathan's place of birth has been enclosed. Further evidence of his identity, age, etc. can be provided in small claims court if necessary.

Andrew Johnston


Matthew said...

I can only imagine how they managed to botch that one...
Poor poor fools.

Sarah said...

Elena, are you sure Nathan (or your boys in general) weren't targeted for identity theft? That wouldn't be the first time they've stolen an SS# from a baby or toddler.

Elena said...

No, it's a different last name and everything... just very similar. This isn't the first time we've been contacted by creditors looking for Johnsons.

What a difference a "t" can make...


Nevertheless, I'm going to check his credit report asap, just to make sure it's nice and blank.

Sarah said...

Well, then, now that you mention it.. :) Even when Im "thinking" about your last name, Im inclined to say "Johnson". That "t" requires a bit of effort, concentration, & intentionality to not be neglected and forgotten!