It's hot around here. Not nearly as hot as when the van broke down in the middle of the Palm Desert on our way over from California, but certainly hot enough to make a stove quite superfluous to egg-frying.

Hot enough that I was exceedingly glad that I'd let the Tercel's fuel levels get down to "E" before filling up, because the explosive burst when I opened the tank wouldn't have been much fun had there been more than a drop or two of gasoline inside.

Hot enough that the world looks a bit like a Renoir through the unulating haze.

And hot enough, that as I passed by the fire department, sweltering under the blazing sun, for a moment there I actually considered running in there and asking them to put out the fire.


Anonymous said...

Miss you! It's good to see some movement on this line of my blog reader. :) Love, Katie Peckham

Robbie said...

Did you make it to Texas?

Let us know what is going on in your lives!!!