Smoke coming out of my ears... or maybe it's smog.


I care about the environment.

And I get rather annoyed when conservatives mock the idea that we should maybe make an effort to live more sustainability.

But this is not sustainability, this is smoke and mirrors.

Instead of buying fossil fuels from our enemies and pumping them straight into our SUVs, let's just buy fossil fuels from our enemies and smear them all over the ground so that they run off into our drinking water and poison our babies. Not to mention killing off fish in the Gulf of Mexico.

And once this fuel is in our gas tanks, it's hardly clean.

The jury's still out on ethanol. It may well turn out to be better than gasoline. We should definitely allow it to compete in the free markets.

But it's hard to see the justification for legislating artificial support for it like this.

Am I completely missing something here?

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