Nathan likes his new brother very much. All the wuggies do, but Nathan in particular.

He loves his brother, and he loves the idea of big families, with lots and lots of babies. He's taken to rattling off the names of the dozens of babies he and his wife will have one day, and he insists that now that "Baby Jack" is here, I need produce a little sister named Katie. Tomorrow.

I keep telling him that giving birth is something I only do on very special occasions, but he just won't take no for an answer.

While snuggling with my newborn and recovering from this gloriously special occasion, I listened to a series of Focus on the Family broadcasts featuring the parenting advice of Dr. Kevin Leman. To be perfectly honest I was a little disappointed with the first two installments. It wasn't the content so much as the tone--I was mildly irritated by comments like "kids everywhere are going to hate [my latest] book, but parents are going to love it." Nevertheless, I kept listening, and the Q and A session on the third part was so good that we actually ended up ordering a copy of his latest book.

When the package arrived, Nathan peered eagerly over Daddy's shoulder. "What's it say? What's it say?"

And despite Dr. Leman's predictions, at least one child was ecstatic over the book Have a New Kid by Friday.

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Gwen said...

this made made laugh. he is so funny!!