You should probably beware the brioche dough of the Pharisees, too.

I'm guest blogging at the evangelical outpost about my life-changing experiences with bread dough.

No, not the one a few years ago where I sort of ate too much brioche dough and the yeast sort of colonized in my stomach, and I sort of thought I was going to explode, until raw garlic came to my rescue for the first of many times.

No, this time I'm blogging about good experiences with bread dough, experiences in which none of the dough made it into my mouth before first being baked into wonderfully scrumptious breads.

Although I guess that other bread dough experience was a very good one, too, because that was the first time I discovered the anti-microbial properties of raw garlic, and though I've never repeated that particular mistake of eating anything containing live yeast, it turns out that garlic can kill all sorts of unwelcome invaders and has saved me a tremendous amount of agony, not to mention thousands of dollars in copays for doctor visits and antibiotics.

But I think these experiences with bread dough were even better, because while the other helped me understand garlic better, these helped me come to a deeper understanding of the gospel.

And the gospel is even more powerful and healing and cleansing and purifying than raw garlic.

Which is actually saying something.


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Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Elena, I loved your essay. I was making sourdough a few years ago, and loved it. It fell by the wayside back when Thomas was born (I think) and I forgot about it in the back of the fridge and it turned very, very very bad. Maybe I'll pull out my recipe and try again. I've certainly got good thoughts to mull over while I'm doing it now!