Living in the O.C.

I was highly disappointed last week when opened our mailbox and found a notice that my Healthy Families application for the wuggies had been forwarded to Medi-Cal. It was quite a blow to discover that we didn't make enough money to go to our favorite pediatrician. Not because he's more expensive, but because the State of California had deemed that we fell below their income guidelines for their low-cost health insurance program. We would have to get the no-cost program, and find a different doctor. Oh brother.

The other thing was, I'd been hoping never to speak with a Medi-Cal worker again in my life.

Friday morning I gritted my teeth, picked up the phone, and called my new worker. To my astonishment, somebody answered the phone. In a pleasant, well-modulated voice, she told me that she was just about to look at my file. When I expressed my confusion over being sent to Medi-Cal, and told her that I would really rather enroll them in Healthy Families, she courteously explained the process to me, and assured me that she'd double check everything. They're allowed 45 days to review a case, but to speed up the process, she'd call me back so I could fax them any necessary paperwork rather than dealing with snail-mail.

And then... and hour later... she actually DID call me back. No, she didn't need any extra paperwork. September qualifies for no-cost Medi-Cal, the boys for Healthy Families. Did I want to get Medi-Cal with a share of cost for the boys as well?

Oh, the clarity! Oh, the courtesy! Oh, the prompt diligence!

What a difference a county makes.

I love living in Orange County.

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