Planning out the weeks menu and shopping list, I surveyed the food remaining in my refrigerator, and contemplated I could incorporate it into upcoming meals before it spoiled. I wondered to myself what on earth had possessed me to buy such an enormous ginger root. I always do that... I get a little carried away with things like that.

There was no chance of using it up, but a ginger-honey glazed chicken would be a start.

I stirred the honey and white wine together, resigned myself to the fact that they would never really mix, and added a little salt. The recipe didn't call for salt, but surely a little salt is in order. This is chicken, after all.

Then I went to grate the ginger.

It wasn't ginger.

It was a sweet potato.

Which would have been a very nice addition to the Thanksgiving yams, had I remembered, but which won't really add much flavor to my chicken.

But you know what? I'm kind of glad, actually. I was only using the ginger out of guilt tonight.

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