Bob the Builder Shoes

A few months ago, I went shoe-shopping with September, and her sweet little heart was set on Bob the Builder shoes.

And so I dutifully scoured the little girls shoe aisle for Bob the Builder shoes.

Not surprisingly, I didn't find any. There may very well have been lots of Bob the Builder shoes just a few feet over in the little boys shoe aisle, but I wasn't about to open up that can of worms. Much as Tembo wanted Bob the Builder shoes, I wanted her to have something at least a little bit girly.

I was just about to sadly announce that they didn't have any Bob the Builder shoes, and wouldn't she like to try on this nice pair of T-straps, when Tembo gave a little cry of delight and discovery. She'd found them.

Bob the Builder shoes.

That's what we call them, and she's very proud of them indeed. They're Bob the Builder shoes, and don't you dare suggest otherwise.

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Wendy said...

Oh, that is cute! No doubt Cosette will want Bob the Builder shoes some day, and I hope she picks some like Tembos.