I will not obsess about houses.
I will not obsess about houses.
I will not obsess about houses.
I will not obsess about houses.
I will not obsess about houses.

Suburbia? Urban condo? Urban neighborhood? Country?

We're pretty committed to settling down in the Houston area, but that leaves us with a lot of choices. Choices that make a pretty big difference in what sort of family we will be, and choices that need to be made sometime in the next year, before our rental lease is up.

But maybe we don't have to choose. This week we found the house of our dreams, suburban and urban and country all rolled into one. It faces away from the street, has a severe mildew problem, and there is exactly 6 feet of vertical space between floor and ceiling on the lower level, etc, etc, etc... other than that, it's perfect.

Build a house? Buy a house? Fix a house?

I'm getting rather dizzy.

I hear my grandmother's voice through all this, and one of the songs she would always teach us at her Good News Clubs. "One step at a time, only one step at a time. That is the way the Lord will lead us, one step at a time...."

And if there's a straightforward one-step-at-a-time path through the tangled mass of real estate decisions, really, everything else must be remarkably simple.

I do believe I'm on my way to become quite sensible.

If I can just stop obsessing about houses, that is.

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Christa said...

*sigh* I don't envy you. Lucky for us our house literally showed up in a ray of sunshine and was perfect.

God knew my husband would spontaneously combust if it was to be more than a 1 week search...and then I'd be a widow.

Looking for a house on my own.

Big Bummer.

He's good that way. :)