Works for Me Wednesday: Sublimely Easy Pot Roast

Last night's pot roast took me about 5 minutes to assemble, and it was among the best I've ever tasted. Certainly by far the best I've ever made.

1 4-5 lb. chuck roast
1 large portobello mushroom

Rub roast generously with salt and pepper. Place in crock pot. Cut mushroom into cubes, place around roast. Cook on low until supper time. I cooked mine for 10 hours, but we could have eaten it much earlier and it still would have been good. Crock pots are flexible that way.

Maybe next time I'll do more mushrooms. They were sooo good.

Serve with a yummy salad and it definitely works for me!


SAHMmy Says said...

Sounds great! My husband's favorite combo: meat and mushrooms! Thanks for the tip!

ellen b said...

Sounds yummy and easy!

Mom2fur said...

Mmmmm, gotta try this one! We love portobellos here. You could also use cremini mushrooms, which are just 'baby bellas.'