Storytime Continues

I'm having a blast serving as typist to my budding authors. It wasn't my intention to keep posting everything they dictate, but my firstborn is something of an exhibitionist. The moment we were finished, he told me I needed to post it. And... well... I enjoyed it, anyway! =)

Timmo in the Paper

Monsters are going to eat the town. Somebody's gonna stop the monsters. Somebody's gonna stop the dragons, too. The dragons are gonna eat the houses, and the people must stop the dragons. Dinosaurs are gonna eat the paper. Lions drink Ensure.


Ashley said...

Your posting has REALLY picked up since I last read this blog. I love the stories. Especially the one about the beach in Supai. Is there a beach there?

Elena said...

There's a creek, and waterfalls, and swimming holes--lots and lots of splishedy splashedy fun. Not exactly a beach, per se, but of course, being California kiddoes, anywhere there's water must be a beach.