Roadschooling Wuggies: Day 1

And... we're on the road!

This week, we have a beautiful campsite by the lake (but not TOO close to the lake!), and we are beginning to settle in to our tiny home on wheels.

As far as the wuggies are concerned, the best thing about the RV is that it has so many nooks, crannies, and mysterious tunnels.

As far as I'm concerned, the best part is our library. Admittedly, this currently consists of four boxes of books blocking off the entry way. I'm sure we will find a better place for them eventually (sorry, kids, you're probably going to lose those hiding spots!), but in the meantime they work as a makeshift baby gate. And they are full of exactly and only the right books for right now. It is wonderful.

This one is sparking all sorts of amazing discussions, driving us deeper into the book of Ephesians ("alive together with Christ" is truer than I dreamed!), and leading me to the conclusion that roadschooling will be greatly improved when we get Timaeus out of the storage unit.

I should have known we needed Plato. Also, the pencil sharpener. We definitely need a pencil sharpener.

But hey, we're making it work.

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