Eyes in the back of my head

We bought a security camera.

Oh, the bliss.

It provided us and the kids with hours of entertainment, before we set it up. And as we set it up, surrounded by three cranky wuggies, vying for our attention, it provided Andy and I with a fabulous context to work through lots of communication and anger management issues.

But now that it's actually set up, it provides us with peace. Sweet, sweet peace.

You might well ask what exactly we have in our home that is so valuable that we just can't rest without a security camera.


See, when bedtime rolls around, Isaiah never wants storytime to end. But he knows that he can lure us back into their bedroom by screaming at the top of his lungs, as though in mortal agony.

As soon as the door opens, there he is, grinning from ear to hear, holding out his favorite Curious George book for us to read.

This strategy might not have worked, except that it meshed so well with his brother's.

Nathan didn't like for the excitement of the day to end, either. And HE knew that he could always get us to come back in by pulling his Isaiah's hair. Or pinching him. Or biting him.

Whatever the case, Isaiah would scream... and we would have no idea what had happened, or who was at fault.

Last night, I finished up reading to the boys, and kissed them goodnight. No sooner had I shut the door, when Andy came tearing down the hallway from our bedroom. Nathan had been caught in the act, before Isaiah even had a chance to scream.

I watched from the TV set in our bedroom, as swift justice was administered... much to the bewilderment of our firstborn. Then Dadders pointed out the camera in the corner. Everybody waved to Mamma, and Mamma called out friendly greetings in response. It was all very fun and exciting.

Then Dadders kissed them goodnight, and joined me in watching our very own reality show.

The wuggies continued waving to us periodically, but Nathan was still a little slow on the uptake. Andy had to go back in twice more.

After the second time, Isaiah slowly and patiently explained everything to his brother. Most of it was in their own little twinspeak, but we did pick out the words "cam-ra" and "mamma," as well as much gesturing toward the little device in the corner.

And then we were priviledged to witness the dearest little reconciliation scene, where Nathan expressed his remorse over his brother's owies, and told him how sorry he was, and that he loved him. There were many hugs and kisses.

It is so much fun to watch them interact with one another when I'm not around. I knew they were close, but I guess I didn't know quite how much.

Fun times, fun times.

And I do believe the reign of terror is over.

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