Doing laundry with someone else is always an interesting experience. Everybody does things differently, and by observing a person's laundry habits, you can learn such fascinating little tidbits about his or her soul. It was such a surprise, for instance, when I found out that an otherwise easygoing friend actually irons her underwear. It seemed so out of character... but of course I understood her character a lot better after finding that out about her.

Anyway, Nathan helped me do laundry today.

He spot treated all my cleaning rags.

Who'd'a thunk it?


Lauren said...

Yes, I'd say fastidious is the perfect word. Unless of course I'm just lazy.

Elena said...

Isn't it just the awfullest feeling to be out-cleaned by a muddy two-year-old?!

Matthew said...

Awful? HIRE THAT BOY! I'd say it's time for regular chores! Take advantage of it before the magic wears off!

Elena said...

I forgot to mention that he also put in the detergent for me.

By the bottleful.

Matthew said...

Okay, so he needs some training. We're all a little clueless for a while on a new job, but he's willing to work for free! =)

Elena said...

Or at least for cookies! =)