I'm really excited about Advent and Christmas this year. The wuggies are old enough now for it to be meaningful, and I'm on the lookout for ways to involve them in the season.

I love the idea of an advent calendar, and have lots of great childhood memories of opening the little door and reading the days scripture... but when it comes down to actually looking for a calendar for us to use, it's very difficult indeed to find one that is simultaneously toddler-appropriate and within budget.

So I was most pleased to read about this idea. A little "tree" with an ornament symbolic of each day's scripture reading? Brilliant.

But why would it have to be a separate tree? Why not have that BE our main Christmas tree? Instead of having a one-day tree-decorating frenzy, and two weeks of keeping toddlers away from it... why not help the wuggies to decorate it themselves over the course of advent, just a little bit each day, while we talk about waiting for Baby Jesus?

Ah, the pesky logistics of it all... if we have a real tree, we certainly can't have it up all through Advent and the Twelve Days of Christmas. And if we have a fake tree... well, what's the point of a fake tree, anyway?

So I was thinking we'd get a living Christmas tree, which wouldn't dry out and become a fire hazard.

But then I read that it would, however, become ill unto death if left inside for longer than 10 days.

It would be such a shame to buy a living tree, only to kill it over the course of the holiday... but really no different than chopping it down all at once at the beginning, I guess.

What to do, what to do.

There's a reason I blog, though. When I write, things start to make sense. Our tree will start out on the porch. Or maybe it will even start out at the back of the yard and slowly make its way toward the house as Christmas approaches.

Now I just need to be sure to make my ornaments weather-proof.

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