Economics Lesson

From the back room I overheard Nathan and Andy chattering. Judging from the jingling, apparently Andy was emptying out his pockets.


"That's right, Nathan. It's money. What sorts of things can we buy with money?"


I chuckled to myself, wondering if Nathan was putting forth keys as one of those things that money can buy, or if he was merely changing the subject and observing that Andy had taken keys out of his pocket as well. I suspected that it was both, and that it was the proximity of keys that put them forth in his mind as the proper answer to the question and hand. And I wondered just how much of all our thinking is formed that way.

Andy and I had an extended dialogue about budgeting, and what I would and would not buy on my trip to Target, and then he went to go clean his car.

At least that's what I thought he was doing.

Nathan gazed earnestly up into my eyes and explained, "Dadder's going to Target. Buy keys for the car."

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