This afternoon I went in to have three wisdom teeth removed.

It took approximately 3 times as long as anticipated, and even then, we're only halfway through.

Prayer would be appreciated, both that the half-tooth left behind would stay out of trouble, and that there would be no permanent nerve damage from the attempted extraction.

Funny thing is, what hurts the most right now is the spot where they gave me all the shots. They pumped me so full of novacain, my ear was numb.

But thank God, all the novacain in the world isn't enough to keep you from screaming when they wiggle a tooth whose roots have fused together right by nerve. And thank God for digital x-rays, so the doctor was able to figure out what was going on, before it was too late.

Ay-ay-ay. What an afternoon.


Emily said...

Oh Elena! That sounds awful! I'm glad you only had novocaine and could still respond...when I had my wisdom teeth out they used a general anesthesia and I was out cold. What will they do next to try to fix this?

Elena said...

She's going to do x-rays every 3 months to make sure it doesn't get infected, but as long as it stays where it is, we're just leaving it there.

This morning I have most of the feeling back, and no tingling, so praise God, I think I'm going to be okay!